Club History


Search for Excellence New stadium with capacity over 30,000

The signing of heavyweights Kazuyoshi Miura (Kazu), Shigeyoshi Mochizuki and Brazilian midfielder Santos showed that the team was determined to improve results by increasing speed and cohesiveness on the pitch.
Following these signings there was a sudden surge of interest in the club with a sharp rise in ticket sales and the numbers of fans at training sessions.
This rally of public support served to be the best boost for the team morale and professionalism.
With the completion of Kobe Wing Stadium, which also served as a venue for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the ground was ready for the squad to lift-off.
A record audience of 30,813 watched the last game of the season on 24 Nov.
and celebrated the grand opening of the stadium.


  • 10 Mar
    2001 J.League kicks off
  • 21 Jul
    Vissel finish 10th in 1st stage (6 wins, 2 draws, 7 losses)
  • 24 Nov
    Vissel finish 13th in 2nd stage (3 wins, 5 draws, 7 losses)

Season Statistics

  • J.League
    12th (9 wins, 14 losses, 7 draws / Pts. 33 GF 41 GA 52)
  • Top Scorer Of The Team
    Kazuyoshi Miura 11 goals

The Squad


  • Ryoichi Kawakatsu


  • Makoto Kakegawa
  • Fumiya Iwamaru
  • Jiro Takeda
  • Kiyomitsu Kobari


  • Naoto Matsuo
  • Takehito Suzuki
  • SIDICLEI de Souza(BRA)
  • Tomo Sugawara
  • Yukio Tsuchiya
  • Kazuyoshi Mikami
  • Kunie Kitamoto


  • Carlos Alberto Souza Dos SANTOS(BRA)
  • Koji Yoshimura
  • Takanori Nunobe
  • Shigeyoshi Mochizuki
  • Takehito Shigehara
  • Shigeru Morioka
  • Takayuki Yamaguchi
  • DANIEL Conceicao Silva(BRA)
  • Kazuhiro Mori
  • Daishi Harunaga
  • hiroaki Nanba
  • Naoya Saeki


  • Mitsutoshi Watada
  • Kazuyoshi Miura
  • Mitsunori Yabuta
  • Junichi Kawamura
  • Kota Wada
  • Yasuaki Oshima
  • Masayuki Okano
  • 楽天カード(株)
  • 楽天メディカル