Club History


A Year of Suffering,Endurance, with Redemption Coming in the Final Game.

Two established forwards - Ryuji Bando and Shoji Jo, along with midfielders Takashi Hirano and Masaya Nishitani joined Vissel to solidify attacking options.
Despite the large-scale reinforcements, performances were inconsistent at the start of the season.
Vissel suffered 5 losses in a row and head coach, Kawakatsu resigned, with Hiroshi Matsuda taking over as the new head coach.
Vissel ended the 1st Stage with two successive victories and those wins inspired the team gradually.
New imports, Oseas and Harison began to gel and performances improved.
For the first time in the club's history, Vissel endured a do-or-die relegation tussle in the season's final match.
A club record 25,837 spectators came to Kobe Universiade Stadium and saw Vissel dominate Shimizu S-Pulse throughout the season's last game and survive in J1.
The potential showed in this match gave great hope for the future.
Young players such as Kitamoto and Tsubouchi showed positive improvement this season and Vissel Kobe acquired more confidence for the next year.


  • 3 Mar
    2002 J.League kicks off
  • 26 Jul
    Manager Kawakatsu Ryouichi resigns by the reason of poor results
  • 31 Jul
    Matsuda Hiroshi coach is promoted to supervision
  • 21 Aug
    Vissel finish 13th in 1st stage (4 wins, 1 draws, 10 losses)
  • 30 Nov
    Vissel finish 10th in 2nd stage (6 wins, 2 draws, 7 losses)

Season Statistics

  • J.League
    14th (10 wins, 17 losses, 3 draws / Pts. 33 GF 33 GA 44)
  • Top Scorer Of The Team
    SIDICLEI de Souza(BRA) & OSEAS Reis dos Santos(BRA) 6 goals

The Squad


  • Ryoichi Kawakatsu
  • Hiroshi Matsuda


  • Makoto Kakegawa
  • Fumiya Iwamaru
  • Kota Ogi
  • Nobuyuki Furo


  • Koji Maeda
  • Takehito Suzuki
  • Naoto Matsuo
  • SIDICLEI de Souza(BRA)
  • Tomo Sugawara
  • Yukio Tsuchiya
  • Yasutoshi Miura
  • Kunie Kitamoto
  • Toru Irie
  • Syusuke Tsubouchi


  • Carlos Alberto Souza Dos SANTOS(BRA)
  • Koji Yoshimura
  • Shigeyoshi Mochizuki
  • Masaya Nishitani
  • Naoya Saeki
  • Takayuki Yamaguchi
  • DANIEL Conceicao Silva(BRA)
  • HARISON da Silva Nery(BRA)
  • Takashi Hirano
  • Kazuhiro Mori
  • Daishi Harunaga
  • Kenta Chin


  • Masayuki Okano
  • Shoji Jo
  • Kazuyoshi Miura
  • Ryuji Bando
  • Mitsunori Yabuta
  • OSEAS Reis dos Santos(BRA)
  • 楽天カード(株)
  • 楽天メディカル