Club History


Vissel Kobe Relegated To The 2nd Division(J2) For First Time in History.

Despite victory in the season's first match, Vissel didn't show any consistency and that forced the team to change head coach twice during the season. Kazuyoshi Miura, who had shown strong leadership as captain for some time, left Kobe in July.
Vissel were firmly anchored to the bottom of the table from April onwards and finally confirmed relegation to J2 with three matches remaining in the season. The team, especially Vissel's foreign players were beset by injuries.
Newcomers, such as Atsuhiro Miura, gave a new dynamism and energy to the team. Many games hinged on bad luck or one chance and some good points and experience was gained.
At the end of the season, it was announced that Stuart Baxter, who was in charge of Vissel Kobe in the mid-90s will be the new team manager for 2006.
It was a boost for the club and the fans that important players such as Atsuhiro Miura and Kang-Jo Park agreed to stay in Kobe for the next season in J2.
Despite suffering relegation, it was an unforgettable and important year for Vissel and there was a call for solidarity within the club to start a new beginning.


  • 6 Mar
    The 2005 J.League season kicks off
  • 4 Apr
    Hideki Matsunaga resigns, Emerson Leao becomes new team manager.
  • 15 Jun
    Emerson Leao resigns, Pavel Rehak, formerly coach, becomes new team manager
  • 20 Nov
    Relegated to J2 after losing to Omiya 0-1 at home in 31st game.
  • 3 Dec
    Vissel finish 18th in J1. Stuart Baxter appointed as new team manager for 2006 season

Season Statistics

  • J.League
    18th (4 wins 21 losses 9 draws / Pts. 21 GF 30 GA 67)
  • Top Scorer Of The Team
    Atsuhiro Miura 6 goals

The Squad


  • Hideki MATSUNAGA
  • Emerson LEAO(BRA)
  • Pavel Rehak(CZE)


  • Makoto Kakegawa
  • Seiji HONDA
  • Kensaku ABE


  • Naoto Matsuo
  • Syusuke Tsubouchi
  • Kunie Kitamoto
  • Roger Machado Marques(BRA)
  • Martin Muller(CZE)
  • Ichiei MUROI
  • Takatoshi MATSUMOTO
  • Atsuhiro MIURA
  • Noriaki ISHIZAWA
  • Hiroyuki KOMOTO
  • Seiji KANEKO


  • Tomo Sugawara
  • Kang Jo Park
  • Naoya Saeki
  • Hiromi KOJIMA
  • Pavel Horvath(CZE)
  • Mitsunori YABUTA
  • Ryuhei Niwa
  • Wataru NAKAZATO
  • Masafumi Yoshida
  • Yusuke NAKAMURA
  • Keisuke KURIHARA
  • Diego Souza(BRA)
  • Hideo TANAKA
  • Akihiro ENDO


  • Leandro Costa Miranda(BRA)
  • Ivo Ulich(CZE)
  • Kazuyoshi Miura
  • Ryuji Bando
  • Mitsutoshi WATADA
  • Tomoyuki HIRASE
  • Kazutaka Murase
  • Yuji OE
  • Sho KITANO
  • 楽天カード(株)
  • 楽天メディカル