Club History


Along with the slogan "We Walk Together Forever", the Vissel was tossed about in the heavy seas of J2.but overcome adversity together to gain a return to J1

2006 saw Vissel Kobe playing in J2 for the first time.
The season began with the ideal, "to return to J1 within a year".
Stuart Baxter was invited back as team manager after an interval of nine years.
All of the players strived as one to reinforce the team, and most of the established players, including Atsuhiro Miura remained for the long and steep voyage back to J1.

However, there was an early setback with a comprehensive beating by Thespa Kusatsu who were bottom of J2.
After that shock, the first part of the season was a struggle, but the team gradually applied the necessary tactics and rose up the table and felt ready for a successful second part of the season.

Unfortunately, just as the team was rising up the table and gaining confidence, Stuart Baxter was forced to leave due to family matters, and returned to Sweden.
Nevertheless, the team managed to hit the top spot of J2, but couldn't maintain consistency and ultimately slipped to 3rd in the final standings, and a promotion/relegation play-off against Avispa Fukuoka was necessary.

The home game ended 0-0 without Atsuhiro Miura, who was suspended, and the away game was drawn 1-1, with the Vissel goal coming from Yusuke Kondo.
So Vissel Kobe returned to J1 on the away goals rule.

It was a journey to J1 that each and every one of the players and supporters made as one, with the slogan of "We Walk Together Forever".

It was a legendary year with deep meaning in the history of Vissel Kobe.


  • 4 Mar
    Opening of J.League Divison 2
  • 3 May
    First part of season ends in 17th place (5 winds, 1 draw, 6 losses)
  • 8 Jul
    Second part of season ends in 3rd place (7 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss)
  • 9 Sept
    Stuart Baxter resigns and is replaced by Hirsohi Matsuda
  • 13 Sept
    Third part of season ends in 1st place (8 winds, 3 draws, 1 loss)
  • 18 Nov
    Stuart Baxter returns to observe three games.
  • 2 Dec
    Final part of season ends in 3rd place (5 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses). Vissel enter the promotion-relegation play-off against Avispa Fukuoka.
  • 6 Dec
    1st leg of promotion-relegation play-off ends 0-0
  • 9 Dec
    2nd leg of promotion-relegation play-off ends 1-1, Vissel win on away goals and return to J1

Season Statistics

  • J.League Divison 2
    3rd(25wins 12losses 11draws / Pts86 GF78 GA53)
  • Top Scorer Of The Team
    Atsuhiro MIURA 15goals

The Squad


  • Stuart Baxter(ENG)
  • Hiroshi MATSUDA


  • Seiji HONDA
  • Takahide KISHI
  • Kota OGI


  • Teruaki KOBAYASHI
  • Syusuke Tsubouchi
  • Kunie Kitamoto
  • Hiroyuki KOMOTO
  • Emerson THOME(BRA)
  • Atsuhiro MIURA
  • Ryuhei NIWA
  • Noriaki ISHIZAWA
  • Kiyokazu MASUDA
  • Masaki YANAGAWA
  • Tomohisa NAKATA
  • Tsubasa OHYA
  • Koji ARIMURA


  • Nobuki HARA
  • Kang Jo Park
  • Keisuke KURIHARA
  • Pavel Horvath(CZE)
  • Tomoaki KOMORIDA
  • Hideo TANAKA
  • Masafumi Yoshida
  • Wataru NAKAZATO
  • Yusuke NAKAMURA
  • Takayuki TOYOMITSU
  • Akihiro ENDO
  • Tae Teon KIM(KOR)
  • GABRIEL Donizete de Santana(BRA)


  • Marcelo BARON Polanczyk(BRA)
  • LEANDRO Rodrigues da Silva(BRA)
  • Hiroto MOGI
  • Tomoyuki HIRASE
  • Yusuke KONDO
  • Sho KITANO
  • Kazutaka Murase
  • Yuji OE
  • Shingo KINOSHITA
  • Hyo KANG(KOR)
  • Ryota DOI
  • 楽天カード(株)
  • 楽天メディカル