2015/3/22 Vissel Kobe 0-2 FC Tokyo

Vissel Kobe went down to their second home defeat of the season, againwatched by over 20,000 fans, the majority of whom went home disappointed.

The away team took the points on goals from Japanese internationals Masato Morishige and Yoshinori Muto but Vissel had the lion's share of the play and a missed penalty to rue, so really could have, even should have come out of this game with something to show for their efforts.

Pedro Junior left his post on a corner to allow Morishige to find the gap with a header to make it 1-0 in the 33rd minute, while Muto was allowed the freedom of the park and rode a couple of half-hearted challenges before turning on the pace and finishing across the helpless Kaito Yamamoto in the Vissel goal. 68 minutes, 2-0!

Vissel showed promise with plenty of possession and Michihiro Yasuda and Ryo Okui were busy and productive on the flanks but there was no final flourish to produce the goal that was promised and then, suddenly, from that corner Vissel were down.

The chance for the men in crimson to get back into the match came when the referee adjudged that Shuichi Gonda had taken down Kazuma Watanabe. The FC Tokyo team were incensed and surrounded the referee. The substitutes - warming up in the corner where the foul have been given - were also harassing the official from the goal line. Whether a foul or not, the referee is the referee and harassment of the officials has no place in the Japanese game. Surprisingly Mr. Yoshida seemed very patient and lenient with all the abuse he was getting and declined to show any yellow cards while the white shirts delayed the taking of the penalty as long as they could.

When Pedro Junior was finally allowed to take the kick - after Gonda had walked away from his goal to put even more pressure on the taker - the kick was saved and the crowd behind the goal heaved a collective sigh of relief.

The game went in 1-0 at the break and the second half seemed to be one way traffic, with the ball rarely venturing out of the FC Tokyo half, as Vissel went for goal but, as is often the case, the team looking for the goal was caught out on the break, and Muto sealed the match with a fine run and finish that was the epitome of aplomb!

Team - Yamamoto, Okui (Shu. Takahashi, 64), Sho.Takahashi, Bueno (Tanaka, 67), Yasuda, Jung, Ferrugem, Ogawa, Morioka, Watanabe, Pedro Junior (Ishizu, 77)

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