2015/4/14 New Social Media Accounts for Vissel Kobe

Vissel Kobe have started their official Twitter account to spread the news of the team - follow at @vissel_kobe now!

The club also announced the opening of a new Instagram account for their female supporters, for whom they have coined the term "Kobe Vi-jo", the 'vi' standing for Vissel, and the 'jo' character meaning female in Japanese.

A spokesperson said that the title, combining the two syllables, is intended to sound like 'Vision'.

At the Ventforet Kofu game on April 12th ladies were encouraged to sign up and vote on what badge they would like on their official goods in the future - a choice of five were on display.

Vissel's social networks will focus on publishing and publicizing posts describing stadium experience, and matchday fun, with lots of pictures to check out!

Join Vissel Kobe's social network - from your home in Kobe, or around the world - at any time!

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