2018/9/23 Urawa Reds 4-0 Vissel Kobe

Urawa Reds 4-0 Vissel Kobe

Urawa Reds 4-0 Vissel Kobe

Vissel Kobe began this game in blue and ended the game even bluer as they shipped four goals at Urawa Reds. Shunki Takahashi and Wataru Hashimoto lined up against their former team, and promptly got trashed. The first goal didn't go in until half way through the 1st half but by then Vissel were already looking out of their depth. Just after the half hour mark a long throw from Naoyuki Fujita caused a little chaos in the home defence but the gathered Vissel players were unable to get a touch that mattered and they remained behind. By half time Reds had doubled their lead through Shinzo Koroki who managed to win the tussle with Hirofumi Watanabe to poke home a Yosuke Kashiwagi pass into the box. 2-0 at the break.

Eight minutes after the break Yuki Muto added Urawa's third goal after Takahashi - in no danger whatsoever - completely mis-kicked an attempted pass and Muto grabbed the ball and chipped it over Kim Sueng-gyun from close range. With less than 15 minutes to go Kazuki Nagasawa added a fourth to run salt into the wounds of Vissel Kobe. All four goals were quite avoidable, but the difference in teams was that Reds took the chances that came their way and Vissel were sent home with their collective tail between their legs. Surely these players are god enough to be able to create chances and space without Andres Iniesta? It did not seem like that today!

Team - Kim, Takahashi (Fujitani, 73), Watanabe, Osaki, Hashimoto, Fujita, Mita (Mihara, 89), Goke, Podolski, Wellington, Nagasawa (Furuhashi, 54)

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